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Every PatternFly Element is built to automatically utilize the colors, fonts, spacing, and more defined in the palette, which you control! Generally speaking, the only thing you will need to do is re-define some of the CSS variables to match your brand and you’re done.

For this purpose, we've created a palette of CSS custom properties for you to override with your preferences on typography, color, spacing and more. Many of the components have basic theming options such as type or variant which will utilize these colors in some way. But beyond that, you may also apply a color attribute if you choose to add further customizations to individual components.

Learn more about color theory


In addition, each "content" component comes equipped to adjust its colors depending on where its placed on the page. For example, should you need to put a default call-to-action link (which is a blue) on a dark blue card, the color of the text will need to adapt. This happens via a behind-the-scenes custom property and attribute combo, which inform the component of the current context (on a saturated background) by giving the on attribute the value of saturated.

<pfe-card color="complement">
    <a href="#">Default</a>

Learn more about color context

Combining attributes

Should you have custom theming needs for a particular use case, you may set individual CTAs to both a priority level to change the style and also apply a particular color from the palette. For example, you can pass a value of complement into the color attribute like this:

<pfe-cta priority="primary" color="complement">
  <a href="#">Primary</a>

Please note that if you are opting to override colors of components, they will not automatically respond to the theme context.

Typography classes

Coming soon.