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To-do items


The items below represent in-code // @TODO notes we have left for ourselves to ensure updates are made later on when we have more time.

CSS core/pfe-core/controllers/color-context.ts:44
QA core/pfe-core/controllers/color-context.ts:48
allow multiple initializers core/pfe-core/decorators/initializer.ts:15
Write the following tests elements/pfe-accordion/test/pfe-accordion.spec.ts:441
Confirm this is translatable elements/pfe-autocomplete/pfe-autocomplete.ts:189
Write tests for aside layout variations and rendered view elements/pfe-band/test/pfe-band.spec.ts:147
Remove deprecated `text--success` slot and associated logic in 3.0 elements/pfe-clipboard/pfe-clipboard.ts:167
Remove deprecated `text` slot and associated logic in 3.0 elements/pfe-clipboard/pfe-clipboard.ts:169
consider moving this to core elements/pfe-collapse/pfe-collapse-toggle.ts:28
color contrast error elements/pfe-cta/test/pfe-cta.spec.ts:1018
Deprecate - bp elements/pfe-dropdown/pfe-dropdown-item.ts:70
evaluate how expensive it is to use innerHTML in this manor elements/pfe-dropdown/pfe-dropdown.ts:279
Switch from to another icon set. elements/pfe-icon/builtin-icon-sets.ts:56
This needs a click handler for if the accordion is stuck to the top elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:65
note this in the documentation as a readonly property elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:113
Document this more elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:121
Need to incorporate support for breakpoint customizations i.e., offset="@500px: 200, @800px: 150" elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:148
It seems like the offset is 0 when non-horizontal jumps links are mobile elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:388
remove this when deprecating pfe-navigation, instead set the offset variable in nav cases elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:409
would be good to set the last item as active if the visible nav is below this one elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:509
respond to URL change? Ensure anchor link alignment accounts for sticky nav(s) elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:540
respond to URL change? Ensure anchor link alignment accounts for sticky nav(s) elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:561
Do other items in the stack need to be unstuck? elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:616
Add a keyboard handler when focus is set on the parent via keyboard; should expand elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:825
On page load, if an anchor exists, fire this event elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:832
should this processing even be happening? elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:1097
The next logic only works for scrolling down; need to reverse for scrolling up elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-nav.ts:1112
This needs a click handler for if the accordion is stuck to the top elements/pfe-jump-links/pfe-jump-links-panel.ts:9
in non-modal case, toggle the dialog elements/pfe-modal/pfe-modal.ts:250
non-modal mode elements/pfe-modal/pfe-modal.ts:322
This needs AT elements/pfe-progress-steps/pfe-progress-steps-item.ts:156
we have to do it in javascript until everyone supports elements/pfe-progress-steps/pfe-progress-steps.ts:97
pfe-progress-steps needs more tests written elements/pfe-progress-steps/test/pfe-progress-steps.spec.ts:33
don't test private properties elements/pfe-select/test/pfe-select.spec.ts:128
test new options property interface elements/pfe-select/test/pfe-select.spec.ts:129
don't test private properties elements/pfe-select/test/pfe-select.spec.ts:163
Should deprecate elements/pfe-tabs/pfe-tab-panel.ts:39
Add focus-state tests to validate against document.activeElement elements/pfe-tabs/test/pfe-tabs.spec.ts:12
will probably break if one component links to another's lightdom css. tools/pfe-tools/dev-server.ts:170
forward sourcemaps by returning an object, would probably need a PR to lit-css tools/pfe-tools/esbuild.ts:88